Advanced Behavioural Capabilities

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

What is NLP?

'Neuro' - refers to the mind, through which our experiences are processed via the five senses.

'Linguistic' - means language through which our experiences are given meaning.

'Programming' - this is the ability to utilise our thoughts and words in the most effective manner.

So, NLP is how to use our thoughts and our language in order to achieve our specific goals, wishes and desires - consistently. It examines how the human mind stores, retrieves, manages and communicates information. Once we can understand this we are in a much stronger position to determine what constitutes excellence in any given situation and model that behaviour to replicate excellence.

The benefits of NLP are now being recognised by the business community, and over the last few years, many within the British business establishment have come to accept that the techniques offer a range of extremely powerful, ethical, influencing and persuading techniques. As a by-product, NLP can provide a detailed understanding of one's own behaviour, which generally produces a wide range of benefits in both business and personal life.

All of Advanced Behavioural Capabilities' training programmes are underpinned by NLP's advanced communication techniques and we believe that this is 'the difference that makes the difference'. Individuals and groups who attend our programmes actually take the skills, knowledge and attitudes out of the classroom and apply them in their working, family and social environments.

We have found that this has a major impact on the attitudes and behaviours of those individuals and has a positive effect on their motivation - feeling that their organisation is offering them personal development possibilities as well as training.

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